2020 Dining Table


ARTLESS 2020 Dining Table is a thoughtful example of a pedestal table abstracted of any superfluous detailing, featuring a mirroring effect between the tabletop and the base. This clean yet purposeful design continues our approach towards pieces meant to last a lifetime, furniture that exists outside of a defined style or trend.


60" W 42" D 30" H
72" W 42" D 30" H
84" W 42" D 30" H
96" W 42" D 30" H
108" W 42" D 30" H

Technical Drawings



*Colors, fabrics and materials are an approximation. For an exact match please refer to our swatches.


2-inch solid walnut with an oil-rubbed finish + blackened steel base

2-inch solid black stained oak + matte black steel base


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