The ARTLESS Trays were done as a limited production object for Fall 2014. Made of marble, it was a holistic process-driven approach. ARTLESS is not a design house that hires out the manufacturing; we are involved in every step of the creation. We’re not about to change our ways now. We sourced the material straight from a quarry, worked with a local artisan and handled the sale of the trays.



Material Detail


We design and manufacture variations of existing designs or completely new pieces by capitalizing on our manufacturing capabilities and expertise. With our in-house operation, we can tailor and customize a wide range of products. Our craftsmen have a familiarity and ease with our products that allows them the immediacy to modify and execute a custom variation with the same skill and quality as our production pieces.

Clients can expect a fully integrated process from consultation to design and fabrication. We approach CS with the same fervent commitment to detail that has come to represent ARTLESS.

For sales assistance with a product, simply send an email request to ARTLESS Design Services, who will produce drawings of the product and issue the appropriate quote.

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