ARTLESS is anonymous
ARTLESS is trying to vanish
ARTLESS supports simple rigorous lives
ARTLESS follows parameters above all else
ARTLESS still believes in the Modern project
ARTLESS understands tragedy but not drama
ARTLESS believes transparency is the new truth
ARTLESS is against meaning and representation
ARTLESS is after simple objects and complex ideas
ARTLESS is as much about the haves as the have not’s
ARTLESS admires Dave Hicky but not Hockney or Hicks
ARTLESS believes in ethics just as much as in aesthetics
ARTLESS is non denominational, genderless and odorless
ARTLESS looks forward to living in caves before spaceships
ARTLESS is not only about being local but also about being slow
ARTLESS believes it is language that has brought us this far along
ARTLESS admits there are words that exist which they do not recognize
ARTLESS adheres to 90 degrees angles and 45 degree cuts but not much else
ARTLESS believes transparency, justice or truth have degrees within them
ARTLESS stands between a conservative praxis and liberal ideology
ARTLESS has no global ambitions and no relationship with China
ARTLESS believes stress is another invention of capitalism
ARTLESS supports a material world and a socialist state
ARTLESS recognizes its responsibilities and obligations
ARTLESS employs Buddhist strategies and punk tactics
ARTLESS claims postmodern thought is far from dead
ARTLESS is after words just as much as after objects
ARTLESS is in the open pursuit of relevance
ARTLESS is searching for a former clarity
ARTLESS encourages abstract thought
ARTLESS still believes in institutions
ARTLESS is cold and clinical
ARTLESS is kind of blue
ARTLESS is heartless