GAX Tables + Benches

ARTLESS GAX is the most architectural and structural of our designs. By creating a table with just two elements, the base and the top, we found a simple solution to a common problem: a table with no apron. Featuring a 2” solid wood top, 2” tubular base, no cross members, and no other structural elements, it’s the cleanest possible approach meant to last a lifetime.

ARTLESS GAX Tables and Benches are work horses camouflaged as stallions: sturdy, strong, and nearly indestructible, yet undeniably beautiful and elegant. Each GAX piece is different, yet they all have an "unbreakable" wood top, which contrasts nicely with the reflective nature of the polished stainless steel base. The solid wood board top has an oil-rubbed hand finish, giving off a matte, deep luster while allowing for coaster-free living.

By using 2” solid wood for structural purposes, we also create a recreational work table that tolerates hot and cold objects. The GAX base is made of marine-grade stainless steel, meticulously hand-polished to a mirror finish. It’s a complicated and laborious task, but well-worth it.