ARTLESS SQB Bed is our best design of them all, we do pick favorites, and this bed is it. The structural purity and the detailing make the bed as functional as it is beautiful, and it will last a lifetime. May the images speak for themselves?

ARTLESS uses new growth wood for most of our pieces, and we use 2" thick boards. We value and respect the earth and believe that every tree cut down has to be utilized in the wisest and most substantial way. ARTLESS has a commitment towards future generations; every piece made has been designed with longevity at its core. ARTLESS SQB might be the clearest example towards our long-term approach.

2" Solid Black Walnut + Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish. Platform height 10” Headboard height 36” and a 6" backboard ledge ideal for books, reading lamps, pillows. Backboard ledge allows bed to sit away from wall, while the footboard bench can be used for seating or blankets. Detachable legs and headboard, platform comprised of 2 interlocking L shapes for easy transportation.


Queen Bed: 101" W 68" D 36" H
King Bed: 101" W 84" D 36" H
CA King Bed: 105" W 80" D 36" H

Technical Drawings


*Colors, fabrics and materials are an approximation. For an exact match please refer to our swatches.


2" solid black walnut + hand-rubbed oil finish


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